hanya kamu..

tiada bait kata
seindah budimu..
tak ku temu mawar merah
seharum kasih mu..
tiada yang lain yang aku inginkan..
hanya kamu..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

what should husband do when their wife pregnant?

this is the topic during my english night class with tn hj mejar ramly, cikgu h n cikgu sn.
we were ask to give our opinion abaout this topic.
first, cikgu sn give his long opinion..
what that i remember a few of his opinion is ;

1. give her extra care.
2. let her rest much more than before.
3. give her love more then before.
4. must do more pray and 'doa' together during pregnancy.

i am impressed with his opinion..
her wife is a very lucky women to have such a good husband like cikgu sn.
not bad huh..?

then, its my turn to give my opinion.. cikgu h cant giv his opinion coz he is still single.. hehehe.. he alwiz smile and listen to our conversation to collect knowledge from us, he said..

i just giv 2 opinion..
1. husband must really understand the sutuation of his wife.. women are very different n very sensitive during pregnancy.. dont add anymore burden to her wife.. pity on her.. she must carry the baby alone all 9 month..
2. dont forget to ask how her feel every night before sleep.. that is the key to make her feel that u are very understanding n care about her.. that also will make her let go all her worries and emotion, so after that she will sleep peacefully..
is it so hard to do dear husband?

i dont think so..

the key word is, what type of husband that u want to be? a very loveble husband or a straight husband? u are what u want to be.. isnt? i ask cikgu h this question. and again, he just smile!


  1. are u sure u are not pregnant again??
    sounds like u r in the real time situation laa...

  2. heheheh
    not for now mister..
    not for this year or a few more years..

  3. besar pahala jadi mak orang ni,aku tabik spring kat hang!

  4. Berat nye topik nih..
    Tapi xpe,preparetion!

  5. Sama Cik Lin aku pun tabik spring coz aku nak bawa perut aku yg mengandungkan rahim pun letih bayangkan korang bawa perut yang mengandungi makhluk lain...

  6. Hehe..kalo mengandung benda lain??
    Cam kerusi ke,meja ke..hehe..tak ke berpetak perut di buatnye..

  7. pregnant womans need more love..perlu lebih kasih syg dari seseorg yg bernama suami...caring too important